Including Sami The case against 4 people was ordered on 23 February

A court has set February 23 for an order to take cognizance of the sedition case filed against four people, including Shayer Zulkarnaen Nine Sami and David Bergman, for allegedly broadcasting an Al Jazeera television documentary tarnishing the image of Bangladesh and the government.

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Ashek Imam set the date at noon on Thursday (February 18). Moshiur Malek, the plaintiff in the case, confirmed this information to the media.

Earlier on Wednesday (February 18) morning, Bangabandhu Metropolitan Executive President Abdul Malek alias Mashiur Malek filed the case in the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Ashek Imam.

According to the statement of case, besides bringing allegations of spreading false and fabricated information about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Chief of Army Staff, it was also mentioned that the accused were tarnishing the image of the country and the government in the international arena by colluding with each other.

The lawsuit also alleges that a documentary aired on Al Jazeera failed to provide specific evidence that the Bangladesh Army was accused of buying intelligence equipment from Israel.

The other accused in the case are Al Jazeera Television Director General Mostafa Sowag and Netra News Editor-in-Chief Tasnim Khalil.

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